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Find out why our clients used to be leaving 40% or more of their companies productivity in the PARKING LOT!

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We provide fast, effective, and completely objective insight into what is REALLY going on in the minds of your employees and how these thoughts are either supporting or sabotaging productivity. No more surveys, no more personality assessments, no more guessing.

Ever wonder what your team, potential hires, or leaders are ACTUALLY thinking? Now you can know!


As human beings we are “meta-cognitive.” We have the ability to step back and reflect on our own thinking. How often do we step back from unhealthy thoughts and choose differently? How aware are we of our strengths? What is the cost to an organization when individuals experience and act on self-sabotaging thoughts?

We provide specific and proprietary principles, practices, and processes designed to raise awareness, create change where needed, and unleash the human potential.


The Og Mandino Leadership Institute is not in the warm and fuzzy or fluffy business. We are not in the business of managing personality types. We are in the business of identifying the real reasons that drive performance. We want to maximize strengths, jettison unhealthy habits of thinking, and create real and lasting change.

We strive to create an environment in which the individual is valued, creative ideas are welcomed, and huge reserves of energy and productive cooperation are released.

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